Termite Resistance

Better Termite Resistance

While fire is a more recognizable harm to North American homes today, termites actually account for more property damage annually. Each year, termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes. Termites wreak havoc, chewing through wood framing and weakening the foundation of a home.

One of the heartier strains of termite, the Formosan subterranean termite (FST), continues to rip through homes and trees of southern Louisiana, neighboring parts of Texas, and the surrounding Gulf states of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida completely devastating old and new homes alike.

Termites, including the FST, will not eat steel framing products, thus preserving the structural integrity of a steel-framed home. Because steel is resistant to termites, it provides structures with years of security and durability against destructive pests, including termites and wood ants.

Furthermore, many insurance companies do not cover repairs due to termite damage. Coupled with exorbitant repair costs and a severe devaluation of the home infested with termites, this causes homebuilders and home buyers to reconsider the way their homes are constructed. While some building departments require treatment to your foundation for termites before building, section R202 of the International Residential Code states that steel framing is a "termite resistant material."