Technical Data

Cold-Formed Steel Technical Information

As the leader in quality and innovation, NBS-LGT is also committed to providing the most current and reliable technical information available for all of our cold-formed steel framing products and systems.

ICC ReportsICC Reports - NBS-LGT has received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES), that its NUTRUSS 2.0®, NUTRUSS 3.0® and NUFRAME® products comply with the provisions of the 2006 International Building Code®, 2006 International Residential Code® and NUTRUSS also complies with 1997 Uniform Building Code.

UL RatingsUL Ratings - Locate UL rating designs utilizing our NUTRUSS 3.0® product lines. All classifications are based upon the test method and acceptance criteria in ANSI/UL 263. NBS-LGT ratings are included in the construction groups: Floor-Ceiling Designs and Roof-Ceiling Designs.

Framing DetailsConstruction Details - NBS-LGT is pleased to offer downloadable AutoCAD or Adobe PDF files of our most current details available in our resource library. Here you will find NBS-LGT details for truss to structure, rafter and standard truss and wall parts.

Steel Section PropertiesProduct Section Properties - View the most current comprehensive NBS-LGT section properties tables available for NUTRUSS 2.0®, NUTRUSS 3.0® and NUFRAME®.