Fire Protection

The most frightening aspect of a house fire is how quickly it can spread, leaving inhabitants a short time to escape. This is multiplied many times over by the easy availability of wood framing as fuel. If the framing members are steel, however, the fire is more easily contained to the initial start location, and spreads at a slower pace, allowing inhabitants more time to escape.

Steel is noncombustible and does not contribute fuel to a fire. Furthermore, a fire that does start in a steel-framed home is less likely to spread from the area of origin than one starting in a wood-framed home.

According to the most recently published National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Survey, there were 515,000 structural fires in the United States in 2008, with 78 percent (403,000) occurring in residential properties, adding up to $15.5 billion in property damage. Home fires killed 2,755 people and injured 13,160. On average, eight people died in home fires every day, and a fire department responded to a home fire every 82 seconds.

The use of steel framing can overcome and significantly limit all of this tragic loss.