MEP Design

By incorporating the MEP Design into the 3D BIM model, Postel Building Systems can realize many benefits for the homebuilder such as: proper coordination of the MEP systems with the framing and truss design, taking into consideration architectural features for the placement of ducts, returns, and registers, and optimizing the design for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. 

Postel Building Systemss Offers These MEP Design Services:

  • Electrical Panel Schedule and Layout
  • Plumbing Layouts
  • Mechanical Engineering and Layouts
  • MEP Schedules
  • Energy Calculations

Mechanical Design

Postel Building Systems integrates the mechanical system into the 3D BIM model by placing duct work, returns, and registers to produce mechanical layouts and schedules. This also allows Postel Building Systems to size the HVAC system correctly and save the homebuilder money.

Electrical Design

 In conjunction with the architectural design, Postel Building Systems develops the electrical layouts for each floor. These electrical layouts show the switch and fixture locations. The electrical panel schedule is included with the layouts.

Plumbing Design 

 Postel Building Systems can include the plumbing system in the 3D BIM model by adding both the supply and drain systems. Hot and cold supply lines are color coded and plumbing fixtures are inserted as true 3D BIM objects for correct size and placement.