Material Specifications

With the inclusion of material information in the 3D BIM model, Postel Building Systems is able to produce materials schedules, which provides homebuilders the information needed to estimate costs and develop budgets.

  •  Door and Window Schedules
  • Wall Type and Length Schedules
  • Gypsum Wall Board
  • Gypsum Ceiling Board
  • Exterior Finish Materials; Siding, Stucco, Shakes, etc.
  • Roof Shingles
  • Roof Sheathing
  • Concrete
  • Counter Top Square Footage
  • Floor Finishes
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical Devices and Fixtures
  • Plumbing Pipe Lengths and Sizes
  • Rigid and Flex Duct Size and Lengths
  • Air Terminal Schedule
  • Duct Fitting Schedules

 Other schedules and material take-offs available per client request.