BIM Modeling

Postel Building Systems utiltizes the latest technology to create 3D computer models that allow homebuilders to estimate and control materials and costs. Postel Building Systems offers optional levels of 3D computer BIM models to meet the needs and budget of each homebuilder.

Three Levels of Postel-Steel Ventures BIM Models:

  • Basic BIM Analytical Model
    The Postel Building Systems Basic BIM Model is a structural engineering model designed to optimize material usage and value engineer the building. Using the Postel-Steel Ventures Basic BIM Model allows builders to engineer their homes to the exact loads going through the structure, and eliminates any over-engineering which translates to less lumber and less cost.
  • BIM Construction Document Model
    The Postel Building Systems Construction Document BIM Model is a combined architectural and engineering model. It includes everything in the Basic Analytical Model, and allows builders to produce a full set of construction documents, including all the needed architectural pages, such as: General Notes, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details, plus all of the engineering pages, such as: General Notes, Foundation Plan, Floor and Roof Framing, and Details. Optional MEP design and layouts are also available.

  • BIM Material Specification Model
    The Postel Building Systems Material Specification BIM Model contains all the information in the Basic Analytical and Construction Document BIM Models plus a detailed product specification to allow for material schedules. With the Material Specification BIM Model, builders get a full set of construction documents as well as material take-offs.