Panelized Walls


  • Manufactured in a clean factory environment.
  • Weather wont effect the panel fabrication process.
  • Adheres to Prescriptive Framing 2000 edition.
  • Exterior and interior walls can be designed as load bearing or non-load bearing.
  • Panels are built to exact specifications for height and width and include all openings and headers.
  • Minimizes waste at the installation site and lowers cost of cleanup.
  • Straight walls and true 90-degree corners. Doors and windows wont bind.
  • Choice of gauge to match load bearing requirements and wind shear considerations.
  • Accepts any combination of exterior/interior sheathing to meet insulation and fire safety requirements.

We can design, deliver, and install panels in the following sizes:

To order, submit your requirements as cad drawings, blueprints, or parts list. Postel Building Systems will provide an accurate estimate of cost and labor required for the materials and installation.