Warehouse Steel Buildings

Warehousing industrial goods and products has become a high-tech undertaking.

Space, maintenance, cost, durability and expandability are major concerns when companies begin planning any metal warehouse building. Making these concerns minor is what Postel Building Systems has been doing for years, by providing attractive, functional, expandable warehousing storage facilities.

Space concerns are eliminated by using Postel Building Systems clear span system. It gives uninterrupted space, no stacking and no driving around columns spaced 40', 60' and even 80' apart. All the open space needed, can be as high as its needed. These ware house systems enable a more profitable, smoother material handling process.

Postel Building Systems is flexible with any conventional exterior and provides energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs for your steel warehouse building needs. Unlike conventional construction, our steel buildings allow for thicker insulation to be installed, thus reducing energy costs even further.

In a Postel Steel Building, each warehouse building is individually engineered and designed to meet all logistical requirements as well as local steel building codes. These principles give the future maintenance and energy cost considerations major attention. It not only saves on heating and cooling costs, but performance proved quality materials used in the manufacturing process insures savings on the future upkeep and maintenance costs.

When its time to expand, Postel can provide the answers. Postel Building Systems gives the flexibility of adding on in an easy, economical and attractive way. Whatever the individual requirement, covered docks, large, column free interior spaces, mezzanines for office areas, additional storage, or crane systems for moving materials, a Postel Building can be designed to those requirements.