About Us

We offer:

  • Design and construction of light-gauge steel framing for commercial and residential structures.
  • Prefabricated trusses, joists, and wall panels.
  • Steel wall panels for superior insulation.
  • Wholesale and retail steel products.

 Products and Services

  • Design services using state-of-the-art software for all your framing needs, including architectural and engineering support as needed.
  • Price quotations from our newly developed estimating software to plan and price your project down to the last screw.
  • Fabrication of panelized walls, web joists, and roof trusses in our plants to minimize weather-related down time and decrease waste and cost at the job site.
  • Full line of fabricated trusses with engineering seals for all 50 states.
  • New! Light gauge studs and track cut to order and available in days.

New! Steel Wall Panels made with a revolutionary new process that virtually eliminates thermal bridging while providing one of the highest ratings for insulation and sound deadening.


  •  State of the art software
  • Professional engineering support
  • Preliminary design and budgetary pricing available
  • Full light gauge system design including:
    • Load-bearing and non load-bearing walls
    • Floor systems
    • Roof systems
    • Bracing and connectors
    • Load transferred framing
  • - Complete component engineering for every project
  • UL rated fire assemblies to meet your project needs